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NBA Rumors: David Blatt emerges as "strong frontrunner" for Cleveland Cavaliers head coach job

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The Cavaliers appear to be moving closer to hiring David Blatt as their next head coach.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

David Blatt is reportedly getting much closer to becoming the next head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. While it was reported earlier on Thursday that the Cavs were down to Tyronn Lue and David Blatt as their final two candidates, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is now reporting that Blatt has emerged as a "strong frontrunner" for the position.

Woj is very rarely wrong, so this is a big development. The Cavaliers have been relatively quiet about their entire head coach search, but it appears that it may be coming to an end. Blatt would be an extremely intriguing option for the Cavs and he brings a very strong reputation as an offensive-minded coach.

Blatt has already announced that he will be coming over to the NBA in some capacity this year. It is believed that he is currently waiting to see if he will become the head coach of the Cavs or if he will join Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors' coaching staff as an assistant.

There may be a conclusion to the Cavaliers' head coach search by the end of Thursday. Stay tuned.