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Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly hire David Blatt as next head coach

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have found their newest head coach.

David Ramos

The Cleveland Cavaliers have hired David Blatt to be the next head coach of the team, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

Prior to being hired by the Cavs, Blatt had an extremely successful coaching career overseas in Israel where he was the head coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv. In his playing days, Blatt was the point guard at Princeton. He is apparently very well respected around the NBA and has a reputation for being a brilliant offensive coach.

This move ought to be fairly appealing to most Cavs fans who were looking for new general manager David Griffin to make a bold hire. Blatt is not Alvin Gentry, Lionel Hollins, or some other veteran coach with prior NBA head coaching experience. Those guys have experience, but also likely won't bring new and innovative ideas to your team. Blatt has a chance to do that.

Before deciding on Blatt to succeed Mike Brown, the Cavs were reportedly strongly considering Tyronn Lue as an option. Lue was also an intriguing candidate due to the fact that he worked as an assistant coach under Doc Rivers for several years. But in the end, the Cavs' front office appears to have decided to pull the trigger on David Blatt.

The team has not yet officially announced the hire, but expect for that to happen soon. Once it's official, there will also be a press conference to introduce the newest head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.