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NBA Draft Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers have "some interest" in Orlando Magic offer for top pick

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The Cavs continue to receive calls regarding the first overall pick. Now Orlando has made an offer.

Christian Petersen

The Orlando Magic have reportedly offered the Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Arron Afflalo as well as the #4 and #12 picks in the 2014 NBA Draft according to ESPN's Chad Ford. Ford indicated that this offer, unlike the offers they've previously received, has drawn some interest from the Cavaliers.

The 28 year old Afflalo has two years remaining on his contract, but one is a player option. He scored 18.2 points per game on 45.9 FG% and 42.7% from deep. Afflalo has shown he is much more than just a three and D wing. However, it might give the Cavaliers some pause to make an investment in a player who could leave after one year.

The 4th and 12th picks of will have a lot of value in this deep draft.

The Cavaliers will likely continue to field offers for as long as possible. This offer will likely cause other teams to reevaluate what they are offering and make improvements.

Bill Simmons, of course, weighed in on this news involving his second favorite team:

This sums up how I feel about his tweet: