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NBA Draft: Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert refutes Chad Ford report that front office is split on top pick

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We have officially reached crazy season.


This morning, ESPN published a report from Chad Ford and Jeff Goodman that indicated the Cavaliers front office had a different view of how to use the first overall pick than Dan Gilbert. The front office reportedly is leaning towards Jabari Parker, while ownership is smitten with Andrew Wiggins.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert favors drafting Wiggins with the No. 1 pick after the former Kansas star's terrific workout last Wednesday, according to multiple sources.

However, the majority of the Cavs' front office -- including new general manager David Griffin -- is leaning toward selecting Parker, sources said.

This would be an interesting and somewhat concerning development. Who ultimately would make the call here?

Sources said that it's still unclear whether Gilbert will overrule Griffin and the Cavs' front office -- as was the case when he offered Kentucky coach John Calipari the coaching job prior to hiring David Blatt.

A year ago, Gilbert allowed his front office and new head coach Mike Brown to make the call, and they chose Anthony Bennett with the top pick. Bennett struggled as a rookie, averaging just 4.2 points and 3.0 rebounds per game last season.

"After what happened last year, he may choose to make the call himself," one source close to the situation told

Now, I have no idea how much stock to place in any of this. Ford and Goodman trust their sources enough to run the story. Dan Gilbert, however, wasn't going to let the report stand on it's own:

I don't have a real strong take on this. If the leaks are coming from within the organization as a way to pressure Gilbert into letting the front office make its choice, well, that's not exactly encouraging. I thought it was interesting that the front office was characterized as having the "majority" convinced that Parker is the right choice, including David Griffin who you would think makes the call.

There have been reports that Griffin had decided on Embiid, and now wants Parker. Will he be the pick tomorrow?