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NBA Draft 2014: Boston Celtics make bid for Cleveland Cavaliers top selection

The Celtics are apparently trying to acquire the #1 pick. It probably won't go well for them.

Darren McCollester

John Telich, the Sports Anchor for Fox8 in Cleveland, and one of the best in our market is reporting that the Boston Celtics are looking to make a move on the #1 pick.

Given that this offer is substantially worse than the offers REPORTEDLY on the table from Orlando and Utah I would say there is no chance of this happening.

Pick number 6 certainly has value, but in order to move up 5 spots you either need a high upside talent or an All Star or close caliber veteran. Since the Cavs have no need for Rajon Rondo and Boston doesn't have any young players worthy of trading a lottery pick, let alone a #1 pick for, you can safely assume there won't be much traction here. This offer is in the 9th circle of NOPE.

Also, The draft is Thursday.