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NBA Draft 2014: Vegas betting odds for first overall pick

Who does Vegas think will be the first pick in the draft?

Streeter Lecka

Who will be the first pick in the 2014 NBA Draft on Thursday night? According to Vegas, the odds favor Andrew Wiggins from Kansas.

Either Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker will be the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft tonight. It's still unclear who the Cleveland Cavaliers will select if they do not trade the pick to another team. Less than 24 hours before the draft, there were 11 prominent mock drafts that had the Cavs selecting Wiggins and 8 that had them selecting Jabari Parker.

But it's interesting that Bovada think it is much more likely that Wiggins has his name called first. It's also worth noting that Bovada still thinks there's a chance that Joel Embiid is the #1 pick, although it's a long shot.

Nobody knows for sure how this draft will go and the uncertainty only gets crazier after the first two picks. Once the Philadelphia 76ers are on the clock with the 3rd overall pick, anything can happen. This draft is going to be crazy and there's still a chance that the Cavs swing a major trade. Buckle up.