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Fear the Sword announces new staffing changes

I am happy to announce a few new writers for the site

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Fear the Sword has been one of the best places to keep up with the Cleveland Cavaliers over the last few years. I think the community we have here speaks for itself. Almost all of this can be traced to Conrad Kaczmarek taking over the site. He has been a great writer and custodian of the site. He's moving on now because of a great opportunity working for the NBA.

I want to simply express my gratitude for him, not only for being a good friend, but for providing a great place for all of us to come and obsess about what has largely been a bad basketball team. I think many of us come here because the friends and family we have in real life simply don't care as much as we do about the Cleveland Cavaliers. Conrad's commitment to the site has given us a great outlet for our passion. I don't think there is any doubt that he will be successful in the future.

Sam Vecenie, too, is moving on. He will be the editor for a new basketball site for Fansided, Upside & Motor. I learned a lot about basketball when I read his articles, and I don't know if there's a higher compliment I could give him.

These departures leave a pretty gaping hole for the site, and I don't think it will be easy to replace them.

That having been said, I am adding a couple guys that have already been doing a great job over at Right Down Euclid. Chris Manning, the editor, is a sharp writer who has experience covering Cavaliers games. He's a student at Ohio University.

Trevor Magnotti joins him. Trevor is a graduate student at OU, and lives and breathes basketball. He's going to be a great addition to the site.

I will be the site manager. If you guys ever need something, you are free to email me at I don't foresee a ton of changes in the running of the site. Obviously I have been here for a couple years. I look forward to writers being more involved in the comment section. I'm always open to criticism and suggestions, even if I bristle a little bit at first.

I will always consider myself a fan first, and have always written articles with the objective of both educating myself and others. That won't change. I love the Cavaliers, and I love basketball. I found Fear the Sword by searching "Cleveland Cavaliers blogs" on Google, and never thought I'd have the opportunities have come my way after stumbling upon the community here.

Make sure you guys give Chris and Trevor a warm welcome (I'm sure you all will in your own special way), and go Cavs. Thanks to Conrad for handing off a community in such great shape.