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Farewell, Fear the Sword

A new era begins at Fear the Sword


Four years ago, I started blogging about the Cleveland Cavaliers. I got the domain for and wrote a terrible blog in between classes at Boston College (side note: I'm sure you can find the stuff I wrote back then --although I assure you that it's quite bad). After a few months, I was contacted by the former site manager of Fear the Sword and was brought on as a contributor. Eventually, I took over Fear the Sword and joined the SB Nation family.

Today, I am leaving Fear the Sword family and SB Nation. As you may know, I graduated from BC last May and took a job working as part of the digital media group at the NBA in Secaucus, New Jersey. Over the course of my 3+ years at SB Nation, I was able to have an incredible range of experiences. I have had the pleasure of covering multiple Cavs games in person. I've talked to NBA players that I had previously only watched from afar. I traveled to Las Vegas to cover Summer League each of the past two years. I watched the Cavaliers win the NBA Lottery in person. And, of course, I was able to land an absolute dream first job out of college because of my experience at Fear the Sword and SB Nation.

I met some of the most passionate sports fans and most creative writers in the world. I had the pleasure of bringing on John, Patrick, Angelo, Aaron, David, Sam, Ryan, Justin, Mike, Ben, and Boosh as contributors. Now as I leave, David Zavac will take over but I am deeply thankful to each and every person who has written for this site.

I started blogging about the Cavs when they were about 9 losses in to a 26-game losing streak. You'd think that would have discouraged me, but it didn't. I became attached to the basketball blogging community and fell deeper in love with the NBA as a league. The Cavs haven't been any good during my time at Fear the Sword, but that didn't stop us from building the premier Cavaliers blog and community on the internet. Go back and look at the number of comments I got on my first several hundred posts on here. And then look at what happens here on a daily basis. I am hugely proud of what Fear the Sword has become and fully recognize that I could never have accomplished all of this without the help of so many people. I owe a very special thanks to Seth Pollack and Mike Prada. I have an enormous amount of admiration for the NBA coverage that they have built at SB Nation and am extremely excited about their plan for the future.

As I leave Fear the Sword, the future of the Cavs is brighter than it has been in years. I trust in David Griffin's vision and am more than thrilled to see Andrew Wiggins and Kyrie Irving playing together.  I won't be nearly as active on Twitter, but I'll still be reading Fear the Sword as much as possible in order to follow what I hope will be the Cavs' dramatic return to relevance.

Fear the Sword doesn't need a rise to relevance because it's already there. This is the best place on the internet for Cavs news, analysis, and conversation. This is exactly what I wanted the site to be when I took over. And I'm sure that David Zavac and his team will make it even better going forward.

Thanks again and go Cavs.