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Cleveland Cavaliers Coaching Search 2014: Cavs interested in David Blatt for head job?

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David Blatt is one of the most successful European coaches of the past decade, and it seems the Cavs may bring him in for an interview.

Lennart Preiss

David Blatt has emerged as a candidate for the Cavaliers head coaching job, according to Mary Schmitt Boyer of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

Two NBA sources indicated on Friday that Blatt, who has interviewed for assistant coaching positions with Golden State and Minnesota, may be a candidate for the Cavs' head coaching vacancy.

Neither General Manager David Griffin nor Blatt's agent Mike Tannenbaum returned a message seeking comment.

That now makes six coaches that have either been interviewed or linked to the job, including Tyronn Lue, Adrian Griffin, Alvin Gentry, Vinny Del Negro, and Lionel Hollins.

Blatt is currently the head coach of Euroleague Champion Maccabi Tel-Aviv in Israel. He's considered a brilliant, innovative offensive mind. He wouldn't seem to have much of a direct connection to the Cavs, outside of coaching Sergey Karasev in the Olympics as head coach of bronze medal-winning Russia in 2012. However, remember that it was David Griffin's role in the previous front office regime to scout European talent, so it would stand to reason that through Karasev -- and other general scouting that he's done --  he has something of a relationship with Blatt.

This is the first time this offseason that Blatt has been mentioned in conjunction with a head coaching job. I'll have something a bit more in-depth about Blatt tomorrow. Without giving away too many details, I believe he'd be a better candidate than any of the others directly linked to the job so far.