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NBA Free Agency: Kyrie Irving agrees to max extension with Cleveland Cavaliers

There has been a lot of speculation, but the Cavs are said to have made an offer at 12:01, with team owner Dan Gilbert tweeting that Irving agreed.

Christian Petersen

Kyrie Irving has agreed to a 5-year, $90 million extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Despite a few months of hearing they might not offer, and that he might not accept, the Cavs have put a maximum contract extension in front of Kyrie Irving and he intends to sign.

Depending on how next season goes, Kyrie could either be in line for 5 years and $90 million dollars, or significantly more than that. He would need to start next year's All Star game to be eligible for the Rose Rule.

So how does that work? Similar to Paul George, the contract wording basically states that Kyrie receives the maximum that he is eligible for. Since he is playing next year at his current salary, it wouldn't take effect until the next league year.

Heading into his fourth year, Kyrie Irving has a mountain of accolades: Rookie of the year, 2 time all star, 3 point shoot out winner, Rising Stars MVP, and All Star MVP.

Armed with the offensive reputation of David Blatt, better fitting roster pieces, and prized #1 pick Andrew Wiggins, Kyrie should improve on the 20.8 points, 6.1 assists, and 3.6 rebounds he posted last season. Currently ongoing, the Cavs front office and Blatt are making those details known to Irving.