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NBA Free Agency rumors: Cavaliers mulling big offer for Gordon Hayward?

The Cavaliers are reportedly interested in the Utah Jazz wing

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavaliers have already added a long term wing to their ranks this summer in the selection of Andrew Wiggins. Could they be poised to make a run at another in Gordon Hayward? ESPN's Marc Stein says they are considering it:

Hayward is a restricted free agent, which means that the Jazz will have three days to match any contract he signs with another team. As Stein states, it's incredibly likely that Utah will match any offer. It doesn't make sense for them to let a young player walk away for nothing.

There are only two real ways for Hayward to be a Cavalier next season. The Cavaliers can make offer Hayward a huge deal, and hope that it's so far above the Jazz's valuation of him so that they don't match. Realistically, you are looking at needing to offer something higher than $50 million over four years, and that might not even get him.

The second way would involve a sign and trade where the Cavs both work out a big deal with Hayward, and send back an asset or two to Utah so that they don't match. Bringing in Hayward could make Dion Waiters the odd man out, so perhaps the Cavaliers would send him to Utah. But there is no way to know how Utah values Waiters, and for all we know, the Cavaliers think Kyrie Irving, Waiters, Wiggins, and Hayward could all be part of the plan moving forward.

Hayward is coming off of a bit of a down year in which Utah asked him to be the number one scoring option. When he has been paired with a competent point guard, he's shown a lot of promise. At 6'8, he has good athleticism, handles the ball, and is a pretty good shooter. On a similar number of attempts, he has shot 41.5% from three in 2012-13, and 30.4% last season. The Cavaliers would be banking on the former being a better representation of Hayward's shooting ability.

So what do you guys think? How much would you be willing to offer?