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Free Agency Rumors: Jarrett Jack for Marcus Thornton trade possibly gaining momentum

The departure of Shaun Livingston in Brooklyn has opened the door for a potential trade of Cavaliers guard Jarrett Jack.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

A couple weeks back ESPN's Marc Stein reported that the Brooklyn Nets had identified Jarrett Jack as a target at backup point guard if they were unable to re-sign Shaun Livingston. Tuesday evening Shaun Livingston signed a three year deal with the Golden State Warriors which prompted Stein to speculate on whether or not this may accelerate talks of a potential Jarrett Jack for Marcus Thornton swap.

Marcus Thornton will be entering the final year of his contract at a salary of $8,575,000. While the potential swap wouldn't create cap space for this summer, it would help create room down the road. Thornton has averaged 13.4 PPG on 43.1 FG% and 36.1 3PT% over his four year career.

His game improved when he got to Brooklyn, but it's hard to see a long-term role for him in Cleveland. It would, potentially, ease the blow if C.J. Miles does in fact leave in free agency.