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NBA free agency open thread: LeBron watch continues

Rumors are flying. Talk about it here

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We still don't know what LeBron James' plans are in terms of where he wants to play basketball next season.

Chris Sheridan of is adamant that Cleveland is the choice, and it's already been made. That's nice, but until we hear it from either James himself (probably through his website), Marc Stein or Brian Windhorst, or Adrian Wojnarowski or Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, I'm not sure it's wise to totally buy in.

Use the thread here to post up to the minute rumors going around. If something major happens I will get a post up and we can talk about it there. One thing that's kind of nice through all of this? The Kyrie Irving extension is all taken care of and not hanging over our heads. How miserable would it have been to be chasing LeBron and putting Irving on the backburner? Guessing that wouldn't have sit well with our young point guard.

Here's hoping this gets resolved soon!