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NBA Free Agency 2014: LeBronWatch jumps the shark

It just does not end.

Mike Ehrmann

LeBronWatch has become self aware. It's like Skynet, evolving, learning, destroying humanity....

We'll start with the actual news of the day:

Kyrie officially signed his extension, and that is pretty cool, so we gif'd it.

Then someone linked us this epic Bubb Rubb video. (Google it if you dont remember him).

From a few days ago, a couple neat dunks:

Someone said they found code fragments on LeBron James' website that suggested he was signing with the Cavs.

It.... it could not be reproduced.

We discussed some dope Delonte West themed garments:

Apparently the cops were at LeBron's house.

There was a hot rumor that it would be announced at 3:30:

What are the odds that nothing happened? (Nothing happened).

Important questions were asked.

Working on the 3:30 = 330 hunch, we developed more hunches:

In this offhand joke, saying the 419 was Eastern Ohio apparently was massive blunder. I'm from Akron, I've never had to care where in Ohio the 419 is.

Just minutes after the alleged 3:30 announce time, my phone lights up. A text from the Cavs reading "CAVS NEWS". It was about Kyrie Irving extending.

You aren't gonna believe this, but some people got really embarrassing at LeBron's house.

At least there isn't a preceden..

Possible explanation:

Then it was silent for about forever. Until Woj announced that LeBron and Wade were on the same flight to Vegas. People freaked out, but

I dunno what to say about this one

I hope it was a good flight

Given that it's LeBronWatch, it is only right to leave you with a HUH WTF tweet that could mean anything.

I dunno. Good? Bad? Confusing? Probably. I lied though, I have another:

I really hope this ends before Saturday. It's been fun, but it's kind of exhausting on account of all the freakouts. See you then.