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Report: Dan Gilbert's 2010 letter preventing LeBron James from signing with Cavaliers?

According to an ESPN report, if not for that comic sans letter four years ago, LeBron's decision to sign with the Cavs "would've been done awhile ago."


In a story that was posted very early this morning, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers believed that they were "on the cusp" of landing free agent LeBron James:

"Cleveland had been carefully listening to the direction of James' agent Rich Paul, who has been privately telling people for weeks - even months and years - that he has been determined to deliver the prodigal son of Northeast Ohio back home. The Cavaliers were told to clear max salary-cap space for James, and they did so at an extreme price - a starting center and a 2016 lottery pick to the Boston Celtics."

However, the wait for LeBron's decision continues. Could it be that Dan Gilbert's infamous letter in the wake of "The Decision" in 2010 is what is holding things up? According to ESPN's Chris Broussard, that may be the case:

"While James recognizes that informing Cavs fans and Gilbert, who was told of James' decision to leave Cleveland in a telephone call five minutes before it was announced, on national television was a mistake, he is still wrestling with whether or not to return to play for Gilbert's team. 'If it wasn't for that letter, this would've been done awhile ago,' one source said."

It is interesting that this is being leaked now. James has had four years to come to terms with that letter, but he's just now starting to wrestle with it?

Perhaps the people around LeBron who have been leaking that he wants to go to Cleveland were wrong, and this is their way of backtracking. Or, perhaps this is LeBron's way of showing that the letter still matters, even if he is ultimately still going to end up signing with the Cavs.

For what it's worth, some believe that Gilbert and LeBron dealt with this some time ago.

Is everyone still having fun?