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ESPN Report: Most GMs wouldn't trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love

In a survey that polled 12 NBA GMs, seven said they would not trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Since LeBron James announced that he would be coming home, there has been increased speculation that the Cleveland Cavaliers would make a deal to acquire Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love. Of course, any such deal would likely have to incude No.1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins as the centerpiece.

With Cavs coach David Blatt saying that Wiggins won't be traded, it would appear the Cavs won't be Love's ultimate landing spot. And according to 12 NBA GMs polled by ESPN Insider Jeff Goodman, the Cavaliers are making the right call by choosing Wiggins over Love. Seven of the 12 said they wouldn't trade Wiggins for Love.

Here are what some of the GMs on Team Wiggins had to say:

"Kevin is a perimeter big," added one coach. "He needs to have the ball on multiple possessions to be really effective. It will be very difficult for a first-year coach to divide possessions between LeBron, Kyrie and Love."

"Wiggins is going to be really good in time," added an NBA general manager. "Right now he can shoot and defend. Playing off LeBron and Kyrie [Irving] will take a lot of the pressure off him in the present. He could become a go-to scorer in a few years."

"I feel like Wiggins may only be a year or so away from being a legit contributor," one front-office executive said. "And Wiggins is cheap, so you are able to add more. Love is gonna cost a ton."

And here are what some of the GMs on Team Love had to say:

"Why wait on Wiggins when Love makes them better now," one assistant GM said. "And if you don't get Love now, he's going to be a Laker next summer."

"Without a doubt. Cleveland would be a top-five team in the NBA and the top team in the East -- with Chicago and Indiana a close second and third," an NBA exec said.

"Cleveland becomes the favorite to win it all with the trio of LeBron, Kyrie and Love. With Wiggins, it's going to take time. Sure, he'll give you a terrific defender -- but now you have that with LeBron."

There is merit to the idea that Love would take up a ton of both cap space and touches. Both James and Irving are high usage players and that doesn't mention Dion Waiters. And with Love, the Cavs would be close to being capped out in the future and then be tasked with the year-to-year challenge of finding role players that fit on cheap contracts.

Of course, you wouldn't be wrong to suggest that dealing for Love is the right move either. He would give the Cavaliers three stars near or in their prime. If the Cavs are trying to win it all next season, then it would be hard to argue that Love wouldn't the move to make.