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Report: LeBron James spoke to Kevin Love about the two playing together with Cleveland Cavaliers

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, LeBron and Love have talked. But does that mean that a deal is imminent?


This all started earlier this afternoon when Bob Finnan of the News Herald and Morning Journal reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers are now willing to include Andrew Wiggins in a hypothetical trade for Kevin Love. Finnan's report was followed up by some confirmations, and also some rebuttals.

So basically, nobody really knows anything.

Except one thing that is probably true is that LeBron James would like to play with Love. Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the two have spoken about playing in Cleveland.

It's not really a surprise that LeBron would want Love on his team. I believe that he was genuine when he said that he wants to be a mentor, but don't think for a second that he doesn't also want to win right away. Adding Love to the mix would make the Cavs the prohibitive favorites in the East.

This obviously does not necessarily mean that LeBron would want the Cavs to give up Wiggins to make it happen, or that the Cavs should trade Wiggins. But I do think that David Griffin will ultimately do whatever it takes to get Love to Cleveland.

One other quick thought: LeBron is recruiting! He supposedly never did that during his first stint, but he's clearly doing it this time. That's a very good thing.