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Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors 2014: Everyone is available for Kevin Love, but nobody is available for Kevin Love

The Warriors and Cavs have offered Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins, respectively. Wait, no they didn't.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA is weird. Trade rumors happen, explode on social media, and then die faster than you can get bored watching Pacific Rim.

Yesterday was no different.

First, we heard that the Cavaliers were now willing to include rookie guard Andrew Wiggins in a deal for Kevin Love:

Then we heard they weren't:

Then we heard that the Warriors were finally willing to include Klay Thompson in a potential deal for Kevin Love:

Nope, they aren't really interested:

What about the Cavs though, really nothing on Wiggins?

For his part:


Now, if you're asking, "Why? How can so many people hear so many things?" Let me paint you a timeline.

Step 1 - Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor goes on NBA TV, said he will keep Love, and only sees trading him for equal or lesser value.

Step 2 - Following day, Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly willing to include Wiggins in a trade.

Step 3 - Report is denied by most people close to the Cavs.

Step 4 - Andrew Wiggins plays for Cavs' summer league team. Dan Gilbert, Kyrie Irving, and Dion Waiters are in attendance.

Step 5 - Golden State Warriors are now reportedly willing to include Klay Thompson in a trade.

Step 6 - Report is denied by most people close to the Warriors.

I'm not a PR genius, but this timeline of events paints a team that is looking to drum up offers in a market that has them over a barrel right now. Good for them, that is what they should be doing. What David Griffin and Dan Gilbert should be doing is what they're doing; hardlining because Minnesota does not have the offers or leverage to demand Wiggins in a trade.

Stay tuned because I'm sure thre is more fun coming.