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Report: Cavs set to offer Gordon Hayward max offer sheet

According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the Cavaliers are set to offer Gordon Hayward a max offer sheet today while Hayward is visiting the team in Cleveland.

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According to a report from ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the Cleveland Cavaliers are set to offer Utah Jazz restricted free agent Gordon Hayward a max offer sheet while Hayward is visiting with the team today in Cleveland. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reported earlier today that Hayward was in town and that an offer sheet could be forthcoming.

A max deal for Hayward would be for four years and likely fall in the $60-$65 million dollar range. Because Hayward is a restricted free agent, the Jazz will be able to match any offer for Hayward. According to various media reports, the Jazz will match any offer Hayward receives in restricted free agency. It is possible, however, that they deem a max deal too steep a price for Hayward and let him walk.

There is also the possibility that the Cavaliers and Jazz could work out a sign and trade.

From the Cavs' perspective, this makes sense. From a basketball standpoint, Hayward is a good fit with Kyrie Irving, who just signed his own max deal, and No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins on the wing. He can handle the ball when asked to, is a solid 3-point shooter and can play the two and three spots. From a financial standpoint, this deal makes some sense as well. With Irving's deal kicking in next year and potentially taking up 30% of the cap due to the Rose Rule (plus potential new deals for players such as Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson), this could be the last summer that the Cavs have this kind of cap space to spend on roster upgrades.


Per Ken Berger of CBS Sports, Hayward's deal would be a four-year deal worth a total $63 million, starting at $14.8 million next season.