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Report: Cavaliers lose free agent shooting guard C.J. Miles to the Indiana Pacers

C.J. Miles has reportedly moved on from the Cavaliers

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

According to Candace Buckner of the Indy Star, and confirmed by C.J. Miles, himself, the veteran shooting guard has agreed to a multi-year deal with the Indiana Pacers.

Adrian Wojnarowski followed up with terms of the deal:

Honestly, Sam is exactly right. C.J. signed a two year deal with the Cavs two summers ago, the second of which was completely unguaranteed. He was playing for his NBA life after a tough last season in Utah. He outplayed his contract and earned himself a four year deal. That's really great.

Even though he only played in Cleveland for two seasons, it will be weird to see him suit up in another team's uniform. He was a great locker room presence, and was notably tight with Kyrie Irving. He proved to be a capable defender, and was one of the team's few shooters. Known as being a bit streaky, Miles has the Cavaliers record for most three pointers made in a single game, one that I was fortunate enough to cover. That game was interesting because I usually was able to talk to Miles after games by myself. Other reporters flock to get vanilla quotes from Kyrie or whoever played well that game.

This game, C.J. had a crowd. I was really happy for him. Now he gets to make a lot of money for a great team. I'm happy for him.

He finishes his time in Cleveland with 38.8% shooting from three point distance, and a true shooting percentage north of 55%. On a team that couldn't defend anyone on the perimeter, his effort was a breath of fresh air. He was quite easily the best free agent signing of the Chris Grant era, and in leaving, we get another reminder that that era is over.

The Cavaliers will miss his leadership and easygoing personality. I'll miss the best interview and nicest guy on the team. Can't wait to see him give the Pacers, a team that needs scoring, a big boost, though.