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Report: Ray Allen leaning towards joining Cleveland Cavaliers

Ray Allen might be joining LeBron James in Cleveland this season

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

According to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe, Ray Allen is leaning towards joining the Cleveland Cavaliers this season:

Ray Allen is a 10 time NBA All-Star who has made more three point field goals than any player in the history of the league. He has shot 39.8% from three over his last two seasons in Miami in just over 26 minutes per game. The 39 year old is known for his incredible work ethic, discipline, and ability to shoot the ball better than anyone ever, basically. In fact, his career is probably somehow thought less of by people who only have memories of him as a shooter and not an all around player.

Allen will struggle to defend, but he is a smart player who cuts and put the ball on the ground more than you'd think for a shooter of his age. He is a willing passer, but much of his value will come from spreading the floor.

This isn't official yet, but Allen probably still has a bit to contribute to an NBA team. It will be a good thing if it happens in Cleveland.