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LeBron James announces that he will wear number 23 with the Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron will once again wear the number of his childhood hero, Michael Jordan.

Angelo Merendino

Through his Instagram and Twitter accounts, LeBron James announced today that he will wear number 23 when he returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers this season.

LeBron wore 23 for most of his high school career, and for his first seven seasons n the NBA with the Cavs. He switched to number six for his four seasons with the Miami Heat, which was also the number he wore while playing for Team USA.

In the past, LeBron has said that he thinks that the number 23 should be retired by the entire NBA to honor what Michael Jordan did for the league. There was some speculation that he would choose to wear the number 32 in his second stint with the Cavs, which was his number as a freshman in high school.

By going back to his old number, LeBron is making it easier on the organization in the future. They will only have to retire one number when he retires, rather than two.