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Report: Cleveland Cavaliers looking to create max space by shopping Jarrett Jack

In their pursuit of a difference maker in free agency, the Cavaliers are reportedly looking to create max space by pairing Jarrett Jack with a pick.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It appears as though the Cavaliers are no longer interested in a swapping Jarrett Jack for Marcus Thornton of the Brooklyn Nets. There had been speculation that the talks might gain steam after the departure of Shaun Livingston from the Nets. The latest report from Yahoo's Adrian Wojnaroski, it appears as though the Cavaliers are exploring other avenues in order to move Jack's contract:

While the potential Marcus Thornton trade was designed to shave cap space down the road and take on a bit more salary during the 2014-2015 season, this type of deal would be designed to have a team take on Jack's contract over the next few seasons and receive a pick as compensation. The purpose would be to create cap space now, in order for maximum flexibility for LeBron James should he decide to come here.

It warrants mentioning that Jarrett Jack was not a total disaster last season and actually played competently down the stretch. But with the Cavaliers eyeing targets that would command a max contract, they are apparently aggressively pursuing avenues to create that space.

Rebuilding teams such a Philadelphia, Los Angeles (Lakers), Orlando, Milwaukee and Utah may have some interest in adding the Cavaliers point guard in order to add another pick for their rebuild. Jack is also a veteran in this league and could have a positive effect on the locker room culture of these teams.

Specific suitors have not yet been identified, but we will continue to update the situation as more information becomes available.