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NBA free agency rumors: Dan Gilbert meets with LeBron James tonight, James leaning towards return?

Is LeBron James leaning towards a return?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

This is honestly the craziest day that I can remember as a Cavs fan. I know we all went through something similar four years ago the first time that LeBron James was an unrestricted free agent, but man, this is insane.

It's a better insane, though. The Cavaliers have Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins, and an armada of young players, movable contracts and future draft picks. Still, the possibility of James' return is hard to ignore. And things have been crazy all day. You can read the first part of the craziness here.

Well, the plane did in fact land at a south Florida airport, though it wasn't clear which one. And no one is exactly clear who is on the plane. But Tony Rizzo of WKNR, 850 am in Cleveland, weighed in:

Rizzo was the first to put it out that Joel Embiid had been red flagged by the Cavaliers medical team. Whether that was based on something legitimate or not, I don't know. But it ended up being legitimate.

There are all kinds of people coming up out of the woodwork who have sources who are being told all kinds of things. Or say they are being told all kinds of things. All I can say is that I hope this gets wrapped up soon. If the Cavs are indeed getting a meeting with James, that's a big deal.

I think.