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NBA free agency rumors: Does LeBron James' inner circle want him to return to Cleveland?

A new report indicates that LeBron James' support system wants him to come back to Cleveland.

Andy Lyons

According to Chris Sheridan of Sheridan Hoops, LeBron James' support system wants him to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James is traveling today to Las Vegas, and a source who has been briefed on James’ free agency maneuverings told SheridanHoops that James’ inner circle, from his wife, Savannah to his agent, Rich Paul, to his best friends, Maverick Carter and Randy Mims, are unanimous in their belief that James’ best move is a return to the team he played for from 2003-2010.

My source believes there is a 75 percent chance James returns to Cleveland.

Adrian Wojnarowski weighed in on this as well:

If this is coming from the Heat, you have to wonder about a strategy that involves pitting James against his agent, Rich Paul. Maybe that's not exactly what's happening. We don't know where these reports are coming from.

In the meantime, the Miami Heat are pushing to make a strong signing before sitting down with James at some point this week.

McRoberts would be a good addition for the Heat. If he costs the full mid-level exception, though, it might handicap other moves the Heat can make. We don't know how much cap space, if any, the Heat will have after theoretical extensions to Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James are accounted for.

We will keep you updated moving forward. Without knowing when James plans on meeting with Riley, it's hard to know what the endgame is.