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NBA free agency rumors: Rockets to offer Chris Bosh max contract?

Houston has reportedly offered Bosh a max contract over four years. Does this mean the big three era in Miami is nearing its end?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As of this moment, nobody really knows what LeBron James is going to do. Just a few days ago, his return to the Miami Heat seemed almost inevitable. Now, with the Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly emerging as a potential landing spot for LeBron, one of the other members of Miami's big three appears to be weighing his options.

This may be the clearest indication yet that LeBron is seriously considering leaving the Heat. If that weren't the case, why would Bosh waste his time talking to Houston? The Rockets, of course, have the ability to offer Bosh a lot of money.

Obviously, this doesn't necessarily mean that LeBron is definitely leaving Miami, or that he's coming to Cleveland. But it does probably mean that Bosh is at least preparing for the possibility that he might.

And if Broussard's report is accurate, Bosh may even consider jumping at that $96 million regardless of what LeBron does, due to the "low offer" he received from the Heat. That suggests that he's unwilling to take a significant pay cut to remain in Miami, which greatly limits Pat Riley's ability to revamp the roster around LeBron.

It isn't clear that the Rockets could even offer that amount of money, for what it's worth.

The LeBron watch continues to take all sorts of interesting turns.