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NBA Free Agency 2014: Where does another day of waiting on LeBron James leave us?

The Cavs aren't making moves until LeBron does.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Another long day of Bronsanity. It's tough not to get wrapped up in, because until LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony do something, the Cavaliers are frozen.

Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger agreed to exception sized deals to join the Heat. They believe LeBron will be their teammate. Neat.

Will he?

Some say probably not.

Others aren't buying into the leaving Miami hype as much.

The Rockets offered Chris Bosh a ton of money, but there is a catch:

When he says "With LeBron", does he mean like WITH LEBRON? Who knows.

But hey, we might know soon?

I kind of hope we do. If you haven't caught us on twitter, we are having A BLAST reveling in the absolute insanity of the situation, but it's kind of gotten tiresome. We're playing with house money (imo), but in between tracking planes, and photoshopping Johnny Manziel into stuff, the waiting is excruciating.

So, tomorrow we soldier on again. Personal trainer dude and cupcake shop guy are both boastfully confident that this is happening, so why not? I'm gonna keep rolling with them.

Hopefully we have some more info soon.

Remember, it's sports, EMBRACE THE HORROR.