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NBA Free Agency 2014: Potential Cavaliers free agency target Greg Oden arrested in Indiana

The Cavs were reportedly looking at Greg Oden. They probably aren't now.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Oden's once limitless NBA potential has been derailed by injuries for quite some time. He just was never able to keep his lower body intact in Portland.

After a healthy -- albeit unproductive -- stint in Miami last season in an attempt to salvage his career, Oden was reportedly on the Cavaliers free agent radar.

That could be set to change. In a story posted by's Derrik Thomas, Oden was arrested last Thursday. He was today formally charged with battery.

From the story, Oden apparently admitted to "going after"  the alleged victim, his ex-girlfriend, in an argument and reportedly said "I was wrong and know what has to happen."

I don't know what Oden's chances were before this, but I would imagine that the odds of him being offered a contract by the Cavaliers (or any other NBA team) at this point have to be pretty slim regardless of how this ends up.