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Report: Cleveland Cavaliers will open 2014-15 season at home against New York Knicks

It looks like LeBron's homecoming will feature a special guest: his old friend, Carmelo Anthony.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA schedule will be released this evening at 6 pm with a special program on NBA TV. Rumors had indicated that the Cleveland Cavaliers would open their season against the defending champion San Antonio Spurs. However, according to Yahoo's Marc Spears, that is no longer the plan.

Instead, the Cavs will reportedly open their season at home against Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks.

This is sort of a throwback to LeBron's earlier days in Cleveland, when the league was always trying to turn LeBron-Carmelo into a big rivalry. That never really happened.

October 30th is a Thursday, so I assume that the game will be on TNT.

I am glad that the Cavs are opening at home, rather than having to play in San Antonio right after the Spurs collect their rings. It should be an amazing atmosphere at Quicken Loans Arena. October 30th cannot come soon enough.

UPDATE: It looks like the Cavs will be in Chicago to play the Bulls the very next night. And then they will go to Portland to face the Trail Blazers.