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NBA schedule show open thread: who will the Cavaliers play and when?

Find out tonight what the Cavs schedule looks like

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA releases their schedule tonight in a special on the NBA TV network at 6 pm. The Cavaliers, of course, figure to be featured prominently by the league all season. That's what happens when LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and potentially Kevin Love play for your team.

You can count on the Cavaliers to get multiple games on ABC, TNT, and ESPN.

But we also learn a bit more about how difficult it will be to gain the top overall seed in the East. How many road back to backs will the Cavs have to play? Is there an epic West Coast swing? We already know that Cleveland will play on Christmas day and start their season at home against the Knicks.

There will be some other changes as well. A game that otherwise might be at 9 pm on a Friday could now be the Thursday 10:30 pm game on TNT. In the comments, let us know what games are most intriguing to you. Are you planning any road trips to Cavs games? Is there a game (other than the home opener, of course) that you feel like you NEED to be at?

Let us know.