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NBA schedule released; Cleveland Cavaliers scheduled for 25 games on national television

Jason Miller

The NBA schedule show is ongoing on NBA TV, but some details are starting to come to light. The Cavaliers will start their season on Thursday, October 30 at home against the New York Knicks. The next day, they play in Chicago against the Bulls. Both games will be on national television, but they won't be alone.

The NBA has extended the All-Star weekend, and each team will get at least seven days away from the game. Given that this takes place in February, and taking into account this nugget from Brian Windhorst,

• The Cavaliers play 12 of 15 games on the road from Feb. 12 to March 5.

it stands to reason that there won't be a ton of home games in February. This is a bit of a bummer for Cavs fans of course, but it's also difficult for the team to spend that much time apart and on the road. That might be when we hope the team is really starting to gel after some time together. Add to this a five game Western swing in January, and you have a bit of a tough swing after the new year.

Update: Here is the full schedule!