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Five must-watch games the Cleveland Cavaliers will play during the 2014-15 season

Having LeBron, Kyrie, and Kevin Love will make every game worth watching. But there are five games that stand above the rest.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

For four years, it has been a chore to watch Cleveland Cavaliers games. That's no longer going to be the case. Now, watching this team -- with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love -- is going to be an absolute joy. A privilege, even.

They open their season on October 30th at home against the Knicks. On Christmas Day, they will make their first trip to Miami to play the Heat. Obviously, those are going to be two games that no Cavs fan will want to miss.

In addition to those two games, here are five others that should be absolutely must-watch:

Wednesday, November 19 - Spurs at Cavs (ESPN)

Tim Duncan and company will make their first and only visit to Cleveland, and LeBron will face off against the team that denied him the title last season.

Friday, November 21 - Cavs at Wizards (ESPN)

Very quietly, Kyrie and John Wall have been developing one of the best one-on-one rivalries in the NBA. Now that the Cavs and Wizards should be two of the better teams in the East, that rivalry will only be enhanced. And it will be played out on a much bigger stage.

Monday, December 15 - Hornets at Cavs

Lance Stephenson has moved on to Charlotte, but I'm sure that won't change his propensity for trying to annoy the crap out of LeBron.

Sunday, January 25 - Thunder at Cavs (ABC)

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will make their only visit to Cleveland until the Finals.

Saturday, January 31 - Cavs at Timberwolves

Kevin Love will make his return to Minnesota.


These are the five games, plus the opener and the Christmas Day game, that have me the most excited. But really, I'm just glad that every game will be watchable again.

It's been a tough four years. Those of us who have stuck with this team have been through a lot. Now, this is our reward. We get to watch the most interesting team in the league on a nightly basis. Relish it.