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ESPN expert panel predicts Kevin Love as second best newcomer this season.

The deal may not be official, but there is cause for optimism.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I was a pretty consistent and strong supporter of making the trade for Kevin Love. Do I wish the Cavaliers would have been able to keep Andrew Wiggins? Of course. I wish him the best. But I'm not all that upset about giving him up given the return player. Kevin Love is phenomenal, and he's a perfect offensive fit. The Cavaliers needed shooting and pick and roll partner for LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. They get it in the form of perhaps the best power forward in the NBA. Nice.

ESPN's forecast panel agrees:

If you want an idea of how the Cavaliers will use Kyrie Irving, James,and Love together, I highly recommend this piece by Ben Dowsett at Hardwood Paroxysm:

It's fantastic, and by year two of these three guys playing together, I expect the Cavaliers to be knocking on the door of offensive efficiency records. They complement each other that well. It might not be an elite defensive team, but they might not have to be.

I wonder who the top newcomer will be?