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David Blatt answers questions from fans, won't guarantee Dion Waiters starting role

David Pick, writing for Basketball Insiders, spoke with Cavaliers coach David Blatt and had him answer questions from fans.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

David Pick is the senior correspondent at, and has significant experience covering David Blatt during his time coaching overseas. He has even been nice enough to answer some of our questions about the new head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Pick met with Blatt recently after fielding questions on Twitter for Blatt to answer. The result is a pretty cool interview you should check out at

I have to say, the thing I am most disappointed in here is that the question I posed didn't make the cut:

I guess my question wasn't sexy enough. Have no fear though, Cavs fans, because I'll be able to ask Blatt myself soon enough. I know you will struggle to find the patience to wait.

In all seriousness, though, there are some interesting things of note. Blatt remains high on Kyrie Irving, and of course can't comment on Kevin Love. He did reiterate how much he enjoyed coaching Andrew Wiggins this summer. Most newsworthy, perhaps, is the latest entry in the saga of whether or not Dion Waiters should start. Here's what Blatt had to say:

Neil Losordo (@cavs_fan2):  What’s the plan for Dion [Waiters], have him as starter or an instant offense guy off the bench?

Blatt: "Dion is a lot of things to this team. I’ve never seen any particular importance to the emphasis of starting or not, I see an emphasis on playing and helping the team win. That’s not to say he will or won’t start, that’s not the point. I think his and every player’s motto and desire needs to be to help the team win. That’s what’s important."

This is a good answer, I think. I don't know if I really care whether or not Waiters starts. After he went to the bench last season he seemed to really improve as the season went on. He's made it known he wants to start. It's a crucial year for him.

Blatt reiterated that he will have to get used to the NBA schedule, with more games, less days off, and less practice time. He has to institute a new system with all new players, so it will be interesting to see how he handles the adjustment period. The Cavs have a smart, confident new coach. We will see where it goes.