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John Calipari on David Blatt: "He's a better choice than me to coach that team"

Rumored target for the Cavaliers head coach position, John Calipari, states that the Cavaliers got the right man for the job in David Blatt.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

During the coaching search that the Cleveland Cavaliers conducted this summer, there were rumors linking them to John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats. One such rumor stated that they had offered him $60 million dollars over five years that was subsequently turned down by Calipari. While we may not know whether or not those rumors were true, the Wildcats coach believes that things worked out perfectly for the Cavs.

During an interview with Frank Isola and Malik Rose on SiriusXM NBA Radio Calapari said the following:

David Blatt can really coach ... He's a better choice than me to coach that team. I coached against him. I'm not sitting here just saying it. I coached against him in FIBA basketball. I watched him coach Russia, the guy can coach, OK? Those players, all they want is respect. If they respect you as a coach they're going to play like crazy.

It's not going to happen in a month, just like Miami ... It'll be similar to that but they got an outstanding coach, they got the best coach they could get for where they are and what they're trying to do.

While there will certainly be a transition period for David Blatt as he learns the ropes in the NBA, there certainly does not appear to be a shortage of respect and admiration towards him throughout the NBA and the basketball community as a whole. We've heard several of the Cavaliers players, including LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, speak towards how excited they were to play in a Blatt offense once they studied up on it. With the remainder of the coaching staff finalized today with plenty of veteran help, along with a strong veteran presence within the roster, it would appear that David Blatt is in the best possible situation for him to continue his tremendously successful career in the NBA.