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Report: Ray Allen leaning towards playing, Cavaliers the frontrunner

The Cavaliers are the most likely landing spot for Ray Allen, should he chose to return for another season.


With the Kevin Love trade supposedly completed, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a championship caliber starting lineup. At this point, it's up to David Griffin to construct a bench that compliments the starting lineup and can help take this team to the top. One of the players that's reportedly been intrigued by the Cavs situation is future hall of famer, Ray Allen. As Chris Broussard reported Saturday evening, he may be moving closer to a decision with the Cavs as the frontrunner:

The potential addition of Ray Allen is exciting for many reasons. While he is near the end of his career, he still managed to log over 20 minutes a game for the HEAT last season. He has proven himself throughout his career to be a clutch performer, a strong veteran presence and one of the most reliable shooters in the history of the league. While by no means is the addition of Allen necessary in order to win a title, he would certainly be a luxury to have on what is shaping up to be a fairly deep bench.