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Report: LeBron James mural has been approved

The banner will once again hang in downtown Cleveland

Ty Wright

The LeBron James mural that was reportedly pitched earlier this week has been approved and will hang in downtown Cleveland prior to the start of the 2014-2015 NBA season. The news was reported by Tom Withers of the Associated Press.

The banner is a reversal of its iconic predecessor and will feature James' outstretched arms facing the crowd. The word "CLEVELAND" will cover the back of his jersey.

The banner will likely look similar to the design that was released earlier this week. The symbolism behind the design is pretty powerful, given that the first version featured James in an empty void along with the slogan "We are all witnesses." This time there is no slogan and his face will not be shown. It's just James putting the city on his back and embracing the fans that inspired him to return to northeastern Ohio.

James and his talented running-mates begin their quest to bring a championship on October 30th. The season can't get here soon enough.