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James Blair allowed back by Cavs, will get to see LeBron live again

LeBron James super fan, James Blair, will be allowed back into Quicken Loans Arena.

Fear the Sword has confirmed that the Cleveland Cavaliers will lift the ban on James Blair allowing the LeBron James "superfan" back into Quicken Loans Arena this season. Blair was banned from the building after storming the court in a March 2013 incident wearing a t-shirt imploring James to return to his Ohio home.

Blair himself first broke the news on Twitter.

Blair's story and unusual relationship with James goes far beyond this one evening of fan enthusiasm. In one anecdote reported by ESPN The Magazine, Blair traveled to Miami to celebrate the Heat's 2013 NBA Finals victory.

Blair looks up at the DJ booth and spots Steph Floss, the Cavs DJ, whom Blair has -- of course -- befriended on Twitter and partied with in Cleveland. Apparently, Floss has been flown to Miami for the party.

What ridiculous luck.

The next few moments will come together like a perfect pick-and-roll. Floss directs LeBron's gaze to the dance floor, where Blair is waving. LeBron smiles and salutes Blair. For the first time, they share a private moment. (LeBron will later recall that night and tell Sports Illustrated, "Yeah, that's James Blair, he's my guy.")

Blair's story is not all positive, however, as he's blamed for encouraging other court-storming incidents including this one involving Kyrie Irving.

How do you feel about the Cavs reprieve?