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LeBron James and Mike Miller express excitement about David Blatt's offensive system

However, they warn that it will take time for the Cavs to master it.

Jason Miller

David Blatt has never coached in the NBA before, which could present a unique challenge as he takes the reins of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is fair to wonder how he will make the adjustment. However, nobody is wondering whether or not he knows basketball. He quite clearly has a deep and complex understanding of the game, specially when it comes to offense.

After just a few days of training camp, Cavs players are already singing his praises. According to Chris Fedor of Northeast Ohio Media Group, Mike Miller called Blatt's offensive approach "borderline genius":

"His offensive stuff is borderline genius," wing Mike Miller said following Monday's practice. "It takes a little time, but you see why he's done such a good job leading teams to championships. He's a good coach."

This is just so incredibly exciting. The Cavs have a loaded roster, and a coach who will be smart enough to utilize all of the talent he's been given.

One point that is worth remembering, though, is the second part of Miller's quote: "It takes a little time...." For all of the talent the Cavs have, they are all going to be learning a new system while simultaneously learning to play with each other for the first time. It won't all click right from day one. It may not all click in one season. There will be a learning curve.

LeBron James, who has been calledgenius in his own right, also expressed excitement about Blatt's system while cautioning fans to be a little patient:

"It's very free flowing and it's going to be challenging for guys," James said. "I can see it. Guys are kind of thinking through it a little too much, but I think when we get it there are so many different options. It's live at every position and there's a counter to everything a defense can do."

The game's best player in an offense that counters "everything a defense can do"? Once this team starts to figure it all out, they are going to be must-watch TV.