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Kyrie Irving has no restrictions for Saturday's game against Mexico in FIBA World Cup

It appears that Kyrie Irving is alright.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving took a tough fall at the end of Thursday's game against Ukraine, but it appears that he is okay. The United States national team plays Mexico at 10 am ET on Saturday morning, and Kyrie is good to go. From Sam Amick's write-up:

"I’m all right," Irving told reporters inside the same Palau Sant Jordi venue where the American Dream Team made hoops history during the 1992 Olympics. "I mean it was a little bit of a concern when it happened. I was a little bit worried. It was a tough fall on my back, just a light bruise that I took in the fourth quarter. But it’s part of the game … I’m all right. I’m a little bit more sore than I thought I would be, but like I said it was just a tough fall that I took yesterday and I’m just glad I’m OK."

USA Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski said Irving will not have any restrictions going forward, which is good for his group considering the context.

If you are watching the games, it's clear that the team needs Kyrie to a certain extent. Derrick Rose has been largely ineffective thus far. Irving is averaging 23 minutes a game in the tournament, which is maybe a tad more than I would like. Still, the experience appears to be largely positive and he wants to be there. Hopefully the US can win the tournament with Irving being a big part of it.

The game is starting right around now, so feel free to use this as an open thread.