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LeBron James will play tonight against Phoenix Suns

LeBron James returns from injury

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

He's back. After missing eight games due to injury, LeBron James will start for the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight against the Phoenix Suns.

Fred McLeod relayed that Blatt expects James to play a little over 30 minutes. James' return couldn't come at a better time. The team has struggled in his absence, and gets Shawn Marion back as well. The team will now have two competent perimeter defenders, which is nice.

James might be rusty, of course. For a Cavs team at 19-19 and facing a good Suns team on the road, they will need him to be good. If nothing else, the team will be boosted by having their leader back. Kyrie Irving had spent the first third of the year adjusting to playing off James before being thrust back in the dominant ball-handler role. It's likely this will be beneficial for him.