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Final score: Cavaliers step up defense, snap losing streak with 109-102 win over Lakers

Well, it's nice to win.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

This was not a pretty game. Cavs games tend not to be. It was a win, and you'll take that.  109-102 Cleveland. The Cavs gave up 61 points in the first half to a bad Lakers team. Kevin Love played 38 minutes, but he couldn't really run. It was pretty ridiculous.

It was also courageous on Love's part. He knows the team needed the win, and he played his heart out. He wasn't all that effective, but the example to his teammates must have been worth something. LeBron James looked disinterested in the first quarter, but ultimately had a good game. 34 points, five rebounds, five assists, one turnover is pretty hard to argue with. Does he need to be closing out on shots more? Yeah. But he was good defensively in the second half and kept the team in it with his offense.

Tristan Thompson was quiet for most of the game, but was active in the fourth quarter. He played most of the second half, and Timofey Mozgov didn't see a ton of action. Blatt was probably playing matchups and who was playing effectively, and I think he made the right choice. Five points, 11 rebounds, two blocks, one turnover. He switched onto Nick Young and Kobe Bryant several times with success. Mozgov also added four points, 10 rebounds, and did it less minutes. It's going to be interesting to see how Blatt manages their minutes.

Kyrie Irving needs to work out chemistry with Mozgov, but scored with relative efficiency. His five turnovers continued a run of uncharacteristic carelessness with the ball, but he also got some key baskets.

It's really late and I need to sleep. The Cavs get a win, but I doubt Kevin Love plays tomorrow night against the Clippers. LeBron James and company will need to defend if they are going to pull off a win. They showed signs of being able to do it in the second half.