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NBA news: Cavs assign rookie Joe Harris to the Canton Charge

Joe Harris will make his debut for the Charge tomorrow

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers announced on Tuesday that rookie guard Joe Harris has been assigned to the Developmental League's Canton Charge. It makes sense; the most surprising aspect of this whole story is that this is Harris' first trip down to Canton. Harris has been thrust into a meaningful role with the Cavs at times this season, and the parent club has needed him.

Left unsaid by the Cavs, of course, is the fact that Iman Shumpert's return is drawing near. Harris' time had been dramatically reduced already, so this might have happened anyway. As it stands, Shumpert will likely be back by Friday. Harris will then move further down the pecking order. This gives Harris a chance to get meaningful minutes against good competition. He's close enough to Cleveland that he can be recalled at will to practice with the NBA team.

Harris has played 381 minutes for the Cavs, and even started a game. He has held his own, shooting 40/38/63 while shooting mostly from long range. The second round pick might be an NBA player.