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Play in Friday's exclusive SB Nation FanDuel tournament

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SB Nation is putting together another exclusive tournament on Friday night for all of the action around today's NBA. We've done this before and it's been pretty fun. I've even won a couple times. The Cavs play the Charlotte Hornets tonight, and LeBron James figures to be a pretty productive player. I'll probably stick him in my lineup, high price tag and all.

To join the tournament, just go here. It's $5 to enter and there are up to $500 in prizes possible. It's a fun way to get even more invested in the NBA. Oftentimes I'll have FTS game threads and my FanDuel lineup up as I watch Cavs games. Just another way to get into what's going on around the league.

If this will be your first time playing, you can still get the sign-up bonus for being a Fear the Sword regular. This link will get you ready to play.

Timofey Mozgov has been solid value the last couple weeks, as has Bismack Biyombo. You can get them at low prices, though both are seeing those go up. Biyombo will lose time to Al Jefferson when he comes back so make sure to account for that.

Have fun. If anyone from the site beats me they will receive banning privileges for FTS members in their head.