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Fear The Sword Podcast Episode 21: Dealing Dion

Justin, Ryan and Trevor talk about the Dion trade and possible targets at center.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

New year, new me, new pod. The Fear the Sword Podcast makes it's glorious return to talk about what is going on with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Ryan Mourton, Trevor Magnotti and myself all got together to discuss how we felt about the trade of Dion Waiters (and most importantly, Alex Kirk) and what it meant for the Cavs moving forward. We also dove into what we would ideally like to see as an addition to the team at the center position, what we would be willing to give up and some names that we find intriguing.

Of course we finished things off with a butchered round of the Mark Price is Right, because it wouldn't be the Fear the Sword Podcast without that. We had some fun, you should have some fun (or else). If you don't feel like listening, just click on it anyways or download and delete it. Our egos need the validation.