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LeBron James speaks out on gun violence: "There's no room for guns"

LeBron James, in wake of a baby being shot to death in Cleveland, spoke strongly on gun control after today's practice.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

After practice today, Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James said that there are 'no room for guns' in the wake of 5-month-old Aavielle Wakefield death in a shooting on Cleveland's East Side.

"Obviously you're not going to be able to take every gun out, I don't know how you can do that," James said. "There's so many around now, today. But if there's some stipulations behind it or some penalties, some big time penalties or rules or regulations about carrying firearms, legal or illegal, people will second-guess themselves."

LeBron said that he did not see President Barack Obama's speech on the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon that saw 10 people killed and nine people injured by a single gunman.

"There's no room for guns, first of all, but then for violence towards kids or anybody," James said. "But, having kids of your own, I see the news go across my phone and I'm sitting there in front of my three kids, so it automatically just hit me. Just getting my voice out there and letting a lot of people know, it's not just in Cleveland. If you seen my message I also hash-tagged '#TheNation' as well, so it's also the whole nation that goes through this as well. We all hurt from it."

LeBron first reacted to Wakefield's death on Twitter last night.

He also noted that he took to social media because that's the fastest way to have his voice heard.

"It's the quickest way to get my voice out there, first of all, social media. Obviously it's not the first time that it's happened, but it's been happening a little bit too much recently," James said. "I think it happened like in the last four weeks, four kids under the age of 5 or 6 years old have been shot and killed or very badly injured or whatever. It's just, there's no room for that."

This isn't the first time LeBron has spoken out on social issues. Last year, LeBron - along with Kyrie Irvingwore an 'I Can't Breathe' shirt in protest of Eric Garner's death before the Cavs played a game in Brooklyn against the Nets. Garner died last July when a Staten Island policeman put him in chokehold as Garner repeatedly said 'I can't breath' after being choked for roughly 15 seconds. In 2012, when James was a member of the Miami Heat, he led his teammates in a protest against the death of Trayvon Matin.