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Kevin Love struggled more with the mental side of rehabbing his shoulder

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Grantland did a great Q&A with Kevin Love on his return from shoulder dislocation and the evolution of his game. This particular question stood out to me. Anyone who has ever gone through physical therapy can empathetically nod their head along with Love.

What's been the most frustrating part of those four to six months?

Well, it's not always the physical stuff, it's also the mental and all the emotional stuff I went through. More than anything, it was just the tedious, every single day, doing the same thing over and over again. And sometimes you take a step forward and maybe two steps back and you have to swallow your pride and get right back out there. But you try to keep on your mind that these processes, while very lengthy in recovery time — as I mentioned, four to six months — help you come back to 100 percent most of the time, or even stronger than you were before.

Make sure you go check out the entire interview from Kirk Goldsberry. It's full of quality backstory on Kevin Love and his basketball journey.