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Timofey Mozgov's knee is still bothering him

Timofey Mozgov had his knee repaired over the summer and it's still bothering him.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers center Timofey Mozgov had his right knee scoped over the summer and while he's played in the preseason, the knee is still bothering him.

"My knee is not -- I wish it could be like it's not bothering me, but it is what it is," Mozgov told the Northeast Ohio Media Group. "It's bothering me, but we're still working on it. Not before the first game, but in the close future, we will be good. I hope so."

Mozgov played consistent minutes in the preseason - he's averaging 24.8 minutes per game - but he only played in one of the Cavs' three preseason back-to-backs. He did so in order to see how his nee would respond to playing two games in two nights before the regular season starts next Tuesday. The Cavs first play on Oct. 27 against the Chicago Bulls and play the Memphis Grizzlies a night later.

This is mostly nothing, but at least Mozgov gets a week off before the season starts. And with burden re-signing, Mozgov's burden will also be lessoned some.