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President Obama will be at the United Center to watch Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls

A special guest will be in Chicago tonight to watch the game. But don't worry, David Blatt isn't nervous.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

A very important historical figure will be at the United Center tonight when the Cleveland Cavaliers open their season against the Chicago Bulls. But you probably already knew that LeBron James was playing.

In addition, President Barack Obama will be in attendance. President Obama, an avid basketball fan, is a self-proclaimed supporter of the Bulls. But he has also expressed admiration for LeBron in the past.

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama joined LeBron for his event at the University of Akron where he announced he'll help pay for the college tuition of students who complete his I Promise program.

In anticipation of playing in front of President Obama tonight, LeBron told ESPN and other reporters, "It's an honor for me to be a part of a venue and a spectacle that the president would like to come and watch. It's an honor for sure."

President Obama has seen LeBron play as a member of Team USA before, but this will be his first time seeing him as a member of the Cavs.

David Blatt has never coached in front of a President of the United States before, but he told the media, "I've been in front of some presidents in other parts of the world, actually."

Very impressive, Coach Blatt.

Hopefully the Cavs will get the chance to join President Obama at the White House sometime before he leaves office.