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Cleveland Cavaliers debut new hype video for home opener

The Cavs media team gets us excited once again

From "Put on" to Machine Gun Kelly to Eminem's "Till I Collapse", the Cleveland Cavaliers have a history of putting together impressive hype videos to get the team and fans going at Quicken Loans Arena. This year is no different. I'll have to let people a little bit more in tune with pop culture explain the music in this one for me, but I enjoyed the whole thing. The Cavs have a bunch of good players, and the intro features them all pretty well. If this team can't get you excited about the Wine & Gold, well, you wouldn't be on this website.

If the players aren't enough, the video highlights kids in Northeast Ohio who are both inspired by and try and reach the level of play of the hometown NBA team. Make sure you check it out here. Fox Sports Ohio shows the intro before all the Cavs home games, and this one figures to be in the rotation for awhile. Go Cavs, beat the Heat.